Barry McLoughlan and Lee Adams- Wired for Living

Growing up and living in rural Victoria, Barry McLoughlan, from a farming background and Lee Adams, a garden and interior designer have been working together as Wired for Living for over 15 years.
Participating in numerous group and solo exhibitions, they have travelled to South Australia, ACT and New South Wales with the former Open Gardens Australia, exhibiting at their major events and have recently been part of the Sydney Collectors’ Plant Fair in Hawkesbury.
Each of their individually crafted pieces are designed and made by the duo who constantly challenge each other to transform raw, recycled materials (mainly fencing wire) into unique, sometimes surprisingly large, self-supporting pieces.
Inspired by the beauty and imperfection of nature, their slow art realises the potential for elegance, earthy tactility and softness in discarded materials that have previously had hardness to their purpose.
Beginning as a part time passion, their designs have constantly evolved to include sculptural pieces, some small enough to fit in the hand, others over two metres in diameter made from barbed wire; hand cut metal poppies, twig and wire birds’ nests, bespoke lighting, water features, rails, handles and metal furniture. Many of their designs are site specific, appearing almost organic within a space.
Lee and Barry have a garden gallery in Bendigo, Victoria where a constantly changing display can be enjoyed by visitors.

Barry McLoughlan and Lee Adams- Wired for Living

Barbed wire and metal sculpture, metal furniture, handles, towel rails and lighting.

Some of our highlights

Barry and Lee have the production numbers down pat – so long for this part and so long for that, but like most true artisans, the commercial reality doesn’t sit well.

For them, it’s a fine balance between creating works of art, and being part of a production line with demand driving the amount to be produced.

This is a lament in cottage industries the world over, so the next step could be to start production overseas? No way!

The energetic Wired for Living team are doing something much more profound. They are tempering the demand for their products with their doable output, which is pretty revolutionary for the 21st century.

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