Experience abstract contemporary sculptures, enticing gardens, and a legendary studio.

Down an enticing driveway, between a stainless steel cockatoo, bright yellow crest glinting in sunlight and a quietly subdued abstracted sculptural ancient ammonite you’ll find the legendary studio of Swiss-Australian sculptor Ulric Steiner. A studio where ideas are turned around, beaten out, melded and welded to produce an array of dazzling contemporary sculptures to grace interiors and exteriors, corporate and domestic spaces. During the Arcadian Artists Trail, Ulric opens his studio and garden to fellow artists to provide an ideal environment to exhibit an exciting range of art and craftworks.

Our Location-Ulric Steiner’s studio


38 Calderwood Rd, Galston, NSW 2159, Australia

Ulric Steiner Studio

Our Art

  • Dramatic stainless steel sculptures
  • Unique resin homewares and jewellery
  • Studio glass and glass jewellery
  • Bold acrylic and mixed media paintings
  • Hand made glass beads and jewellery

Our Artists

When you amble  down a steep driveway flanked by  huge, dramatic stainless steel sculptures peering out of the bush, you know you have arrived at Ulric Steiner’s studio. It is nestled in amongst majestic  gum trees and is surrounded by magnificent native bushland . The bush is inhabited by a variety of flora and fauna, which are a source of Ulric’s  inspiration for his awe-inspiring and elegant stainless steel sculptures. Be it a sulphur crested cockatoo or a shiny, hand beaten stainless steel snail, Ulrich’s unique stainless steel pieces are elegant and sensitive.

“I am delighted with small personal commissions as well as huge public artworks,” says Ulric who hails from Europe originally but is clearly at one in the Australian bush.

Brigitte Ehrat is a talented jeweller whose fun jewellery pieces are unique yet wearable.

“I feel that every bead has its own story to tell and I try to express that story in a unique way,” says Brigitte. “Most of my pieces are ‘one of a kind’ some in more subtle ways than others. We are all unique and beautiful in our own way so it makes sense to me that the jewellery we wear expresses that either through colour or design or both!”

Rhondda Retallack welcomes the challenge when a client comes to her with a special request. Whether for her glass jewellery or for a decorative or functional piece of glass, Rhondda loves to see the look on a happy client’s face when it come to fruition.

Jessika Steiner creates contemporary acrylic and mixed media paintings.

Amanda Morters and Dennis Hicks are the creative force behind Prickles Design. Amanda is a lifelong artist who since childhood has always found her centre in creating beautiful, thoughtful art pieces. Dennis who has a science background, draws his artist inspiration from all things natural.

Ulric Steiner
Ulric SteinerSculptor
Ulric Steiner grew up in Switzerland, a multicultural tapestry of art, agriculture and industry. His majestic mountains were exchanged for equally awe-inspiring oceans, which eventually brought him to live in the raw beauty of Australia more than 30 years ago. He has had exhibitions at Soho Gallery Wooloomooloo, Wentworth Galleries Sydney, Manyung Galleries, Melbourne, Sydney’s Alliance Francaise as well as regularly exhibiting in the Arcadian Artists’ Open Studios in November and the Swiss-Oz Art Exhibition. His art is shown internationally in Switzerland, France, England, Japan and the USA.
Rhondda Retallack
Rhondda RetallackGlass artist
Rhondda has been involved with Art & Craft for most of her life, having been introduced to pottery and clay sculpture through her mum back in the early sixties. Ceramics was an ongoing learning experience until about 18 yrs ago. At this point she took a complete change of direction and learned the art of kiln forming glass and glass bead making, she continues to work in this medium, creating both functional and decorative works, and often a crossover of the two. Her future plan is tending towards glass sculpture and more artistic glass pieces. More recently she has tried bone carving and cold connection copper jewellery making both of which she finds very exciting.
Jessika Steiner
Jessika SteinerPainter
Jessika Steiner was born in New Caledonia where she lived on her Swiss father’s hand built yacht before settling on the Hawkesbury River north of Sydney. Growing up surrounded by bushland has provided a foundation of memories from which to draw which Jessika sees as fundamental to her artistic process. Jessika currently translates her memories into bold and colourful acrylic and mixed media paintings.
Amanda Morters & Dennis Hicks
Amanda Morters & Dennis HicksJewelers
Amanda Morters and Dennis Hicks are the creative force behind Prickles Design.
Amanda is a lifelong artist who, since childhood, has always found her centre in creating beautiful, thoughtful art pieces. Dennis, who has a science background, draws his artistic inspiration from all things natural.
Amanda and Dennis are now working in their business, Prickles Designs, and both enjoy creating wearable and usable art with resin.
Brigitte Ehrat
Brigitte EhratJeweller
After much creative exploration I was introduced to the art of bead work.
I feel that every bead has its own story to tell and I try to express that story in a unique way. Most of my pieces are ‘one of kind’, some in more subtle ways than others.
In recent years, I specialized in paper beads. Since then, Weet-Bix, and Nutri-Grain boxes as well as all sorts of other packaging materials, Christmas cards, wrapping papers and magazines are turned into the most amazing pieces of jewellery.
You can also bring me your old beaded jewellery and I can repair them or design something new incorporating them! It’s so much fun!


Creating a solid stainless steel sculpture requires a labour intensive technique. Like carving a block of marble, fusing strips of stainless steel with a welder till the required shape is achieved is painstaking for each individual sculpture, resulting in an elegant finish and an artwork which will last until the next5millennium.

There is of course no comparison with bronze casting, where a model is made of soft clay or plaster, and is used perhaps hundreds of times to cast copies of the same piece.

Images Of Our Workplace

Ulric Steiner

Rhondda Retallack, Glass artist

Rhondda Retallack

Jessika Steiner, painter

Jessika Steiner

Amanda Morters & Dennis Hicks

Amanda Morters & Dennis Hicks

Brigitte Ehrat, Jeweller

Brigitte Ehrat