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The Arcadian Artists Exhibition and Art Trail is always looking to partner with organisations that are passionate about art and the creative process, and care about bringing communities together.
We would like to thank our major sponsors, Bendigo Bank, Adelphi Printing and Madli for their invaluable, ongoing support in bringing our inspirational and unique annual art trail to fruition, once again, in 2019.




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2019 Arcadian Artists Exhibition and Art Trail

November 09th and 10th

Our 2019 Arcadian Artists Exhibition and Art Trail brochure

This year our 2019 brochure will start being distributed at the end of September and will also be available here online. Printed brochures will be available ahead of the exhibition at the Dural Information Centre, Hornsby Council, Bendigo Bank in Galston  and at most local shops and restaurants in the Galston/Dural/Arcadia area.

During the weekend of the exhibition, printed brochures will be available at most of the venues and at our information stand which will be located outside the Bendigo Bank in Galston.

Alternatively, if you would like to download last year’s Arcadian Artists Exhibition and Art Trail in full resolution, please click on a link