Simone Read

My passion for art started at a very young age and I have been very fortunate to be able to pursue my practice as well as develop and encourage the next generation of artists through my professional career as a high school Visual Arts teacher.  

I am highly influenced by John Olsen and the deep engagement he has with the Australian landscape. His abstracted view and reflection of our ever-changing space inspires me to explore the intense richness of colour and intricate detail of the landscape.   

My works invite the audience to explore and to feel a sense of belonging. The aerial view perspective suggests a whimsical journey of exploration, calmness and tranquility, intuitively created out of my distinctive visualizations. My works reflect the love I have for our vast space, a place of wild imagination and natural bewilderment.  

The medium I use is a combination of gouache, ink, watercolour and rock salt. I am intrigued by the way the inks react to the salts as I allow the inks to run in an uncontrolled way to create the structure of my works. Intricate detail and pattern is then applied to capture the sensitivity and expressive qualities I feel from that particular place. 

Some of My Work is Featured Below.

Simone Read 

I use inks, gouache and rock salts to capture the organic and uncontrolled nature of the Australian landscape.

Some of my highlights

Muse Gallery People Choice Award (2015).

Mooch Inside exhibition of works (collective artists, 2015).

‘Journey Through The Landscape’: Solo exhibition at the Balmain Watch House,Balmain, NSW. (May 2016). 

Sydney Hills Living Lifestyle Magazine – Interview and articles in Autumnand Spring editions 2015. 

‘States of Place’: Solo exhibition at The Village Kitchen, Kurrajong, NSW. (March2017). 

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