Experience a beautiful outlook across a bushland valley.

  • The Arthouse Pavilion
  • The Arthouse Pavilion
  • The Arthouse Pavilion
  • The Arthouse Pavilion

Shyihli – derived from the African Zulu language meaning time to down tools and rest after a day’s work.

A large untamed property has taken – and continues to take – a huge amount of work to initially break it in and to then maintain it.  But our paradise in the bush constantly rewards us with the most beautiful place to relax with a glass of wine on the cliff edge overlooking the valley after a day’s work. As we watch the birds flying in to roost in the valley,  followed by the appearance of the milky way in all its glory as night falls, this area of Sydney is certainly an inspiring place to live – and to paint!”    Merilyn

Our Art

  • Vibrant watercolour and mixed media paintings
  • Original , hand crafted gold and silver jewellery
  • Quirky and charming  felted garments and homewares
  • Dramatic sculptural ceramics
  • Delicate and  intricate blown glass pieces
  • Dramatic metal scuptures
  • Unusual knitted wire sculptures

Our Location-The Arthouse Pavilion at “Shyihli”

“Shyihli” welcomes you to The Arthouse Pavilion gallery.

25 Muraban Rd, Dural NSW 2158, Australia.

The approach to this contemporary white and glass gallery is via a long driveway and winding garden paths which meander through a lush, rambling garden.  Interesting urns and sculptural pieces are nestled amongst the exotic plants waiting to be discovered en route.  In addition, some of the ‘garden rooms’ provide the perfect setting for working artists to demonstrate their unique craft.  As one arrives at the upper gallery terrace one is greeted by a 180 degree vista over Cabbage Tree gully nature reserve.  The gallery itself is open plan and situated on two levels, with the lower level opening via massive glass door onto another terrace, also used for art exhibits

Our Artists

After meandering through a verdant garden of luscious plants, huge sculptural urns and tall trees you will arrive at  The Arthouse Pavilion  open plan  gallery  with its huge panels of glass windows  overlooking the valley..  This dramatic setting is a blank canvas for the hundreds of  vibrant paintings adorning the walls. These are the strong watercolour and mixed media paintings which are the work of talented painter, Merilyn Chappel. As you walk through the gallery you will meet jeweller Jill Davis with her uniquely crafted and exquisite gold and silver jewellery, as well as Katey Ghersini with her colourful array of felted garments and homewares.  Step outside through the massive glass doors to meet Penel Bigg  whose intricate glass pieces  have been exhibited to acclaim all over the country. I am welcoming back  Sally Howe this year with her quirky and figurative tabletop scultures and am thrilled to be hosting Kim Gibbs with her gorgeous corrugated iron sculptures.  Nettie Summer is new to the Arcadian Artists trail and with her knitted silver and copper wire scultures we will have an amazing range at The Arthouse Pavilion  this year!

“I am thrilled with the exhibitors I have with me this year,” says Merilyn.  “ The white gallery overlooking the untouched bush is the perfect backdrop for  the fabulous collection of unique Australian artworks we will be exhibiting.”

Merilyn Chappel’s gallery The Arthouse Pavilion  at “Shyihli”,  25 Muraban Road encompasses an eclectic collection of enthusiastic and talented artists who use a wide variety of mediums, styles, materials and subjects to ensure their work is eye catching, inspiring and all one of a kind.

Arcadian Artists
Merilyn Chappel
Merilyn ChappelPainter
An interior designer and journalist, Merilyn Chappel has been painting for over 25 years. Initially a watercolour artist, her work has evolved to encompass other mediums including acrylics and inks, but more recently mixed media. This foray into mixed media has resulted in uniquely textured, impressionistic works but these still exhibit Merilyn’s dramatic use of colour and design. Merilyn’s subject matter varies considerably from large dramatic landscapes to small interiors; from bold and colourful fruits to sensitively painted flowers; from Australian stockmen to French villages; from African giraffes to Australian dairy herds; from Sydney sailboats to outback towns – even shoes, hats and teacups have a look in!
Jill Davis
Jill DavisJeweller
Born under the creative Aquarian star sign in Zimbabwe in the late 1960s, Jill grew up in a time where basic necessities were in short supply and imagination made drums out of tin cans.
“To create something unique for a person, I need to get a true feel for them, who they are, their values, and where they see themselves in the world. The piece needs to reflect them, needs to have a purpose and a reason for being. I do not consider these works to be just another gift that can be purchased at any mass-production department store, but an extension of the recipient something that they will hand down to their future generations, a memory of themselves.”
Penel Bigg
Penel BiggGlass artist
The first time anyone sees Penel Bigg’s beautiful and sculptural glass works they fall in love with
them – they literally look good enough to eat. A lifelong passion and curiosity with everything
natural has coalesced into an ever evolving development of using glass to create works that
resonate and communicate something sublime and essential, something that reminds or quickens
of a childhood when you wanted every lolly, and lots of them – that’s how beautiful Penel’s works
are, you want all of them.
Katey Gershini
Katey GershiniFelt Artist
Katey Ghersini loves textiles, fashion and funishings – especially those with a retro flavour. She creates beautiful and quirky felted garments and homewares which have a distinct vintage flavour , recycling old clothing, embellishments and woollens to create her unique pieces. From embellished felted hats to old-fashioned tea cosies; from funky felted handbags to very cute glasses cases, all of her hand crafted creations show her love of colour and everything vintage.
Kim Gibbs
Kim GibbsSculpture Artist
“What can I make now?” Kim’s mother was constantly plagued with this question from a very early age, particularly after watching Play School on craft days. Progressing in years Kim eagerly studied art from high school through to university, successfully exhibiting a range of art forms in galleries, halls, hotels and botanic gardens. In 2004 she pursued her ambition of creating her very own art business, and ‘All Things Art’ was born. This art journey continues today through www.allthingsart.com.au , through various on-road market adventures, and exhibitions.
Nettie Sumner
Nettie Sumner Wire Sculptor
Nettie Sumner began her creative career in London, working in graphic design and media for both corporates and agencies.
The desire to explore a lifestyle suitable for bringing up a family led Nettie to move to Bondi Beach, Australia where she developed her love for the outdoors. Surrounded by sea and the stunning Australian landscape she found inspiration that became the narrative for her wire and ceramic sculptures.
This bond between family and nature caused Nettie to delve into Biogenesis and the concept of life coming only from life and creating creative connections through generations.
Sally Howe
Sally Howe Ceramic Sculptor
Sally has an Arts degree with a Fine Arts major from Sydney University and has studied Creative Arts (sculpture) at Wollongong University; she has both Fine Arts and Ceramic certificates from TAFE and a Graphic Design qualification. She has been working as a graphic designer for many years. Prior to this she was a studio potter in Jamberoo producing handpainted earthenware.
Sally gave up her pottery studio to pursue a career in graphic design. About 12 years ago she started working with clay again producing both figurative and conceptual sculptural works.

Images From Our Exhibiting Artists

Merilyn Chappel, painterMerilyn Chappel

Jill Davis – Goldsmith/SilversmithJill Davis

Penel Bigg – Flameworked GlassPenel Bigg

Katey Gershini – Felt ArtistKatey Gershini

Kim Gibbs – Sculpture ArtistKim Gibbs

Nettie Sumner – Wire SculptorNettie Sumner

Sally Howe - Ceramic SculptorSally Howe


The Arthouse Pavilion