Surrounded by paddocks of luscious viburnum & magnolia trees in the outskirts of Arcadia.

Sandra’s Ceramics Studio is set amongst one of the few working farms still operating in the outskirts of Arcadia. The property produces an array of top quality foliage for the Australian Flower Industry. Sandra’s ceramic workspace inhabits a partitioned section of the flower shed which is surrounded by paddocks of luscious viburnum & magnolia trees & a multitude of delicious fruit & nut trees. Of particular interest are the banana, custard apple, pomegranate, chestnut & prickly pear trees. A brood of hens populates an enclosure behind the shed & you can often hear the resident rooster crow. The wide open space & the exceptional fresh air provide a wonderfully calm & peaceful environment in which creativity thrives.

Our Location- Sandra’s Ceramics Studio

Surrounded by paddocks of luscious viburnum & magnolia trees in the outskirts of Arcadia.

Sandra’s Ceramics Studio

10 Nollands Rd., Fiddletown, NSW 2159 Australia

Our Art

Arcadian Artists
  • Functional & decorative earthenware & porcelain pieces
  • Felted and embellished garments and accessories
  • Fine wood turned homewares and decorative pieces
  • Handcrafted glass jewellery
  • Beautiful and original photographs
  • Intricate oil and watercolour paintings of plants and animals

Our Artists

Sandra & Maria Vumbaca
Sandra & Maria VumbacaCeramic artists
Sandra & Maria Vumbaca specialise in the production of quality hand-painted functional &
decorative porcelain & earthenware pieces. This award-winning mother/daughter team take their inspiration from many sources but are largely influenced by their Italian heritage in their use of vibrant colour & intricate design. Maria’s work greatly reflects her keen interest in lustre & third-fire products while Sandra enjoys experimenting with an eclectic range of techniques. They both have a distinctive passion for learning & enjoy sharing their discoveries.
Eva Dominello
Eva DominelloJeweller
Eva is a Sydney based lamp-worker, making original glass beads using Moretti & Vetrofond rods. In 2007, she completed a course in lamp-working with master glass artist Andrea Penzo at the “Scoula del Vetro Abate Zanetti” in Murano, Venice. Studies were also undertaken in Australia. She now teaches lamp-working at community colleges and privately. She sells her work at markets and fairs.
Jenelle Gavin
Jenelle GavinNature Photographer
I have had a lifelong interest in Australian flora, fauna and landscapes. Family trips into the bush were often punctuated by childrens’ cries of “have you finished taking photos yet Mum…”
I have a passion for nature and have developed an avid fascination for the intricate details discovered using macro photography. I love to share this with others in the form of my photographic images.
Peter Tugwell
Peter TugwellDrawing artist
I enjoy drawing a range of subjects using the simplicity of lead pens and paper as tools.
I am interested in drawings of nature and highlighting the many and varied shapes and patterns that occur naturally around us.
I enjoy looking at the detail in objects. The display of a beautifully shaped and detailed detail of the sand is the remains of a shell, a curled leaf of a eucalypt and the crest of a palm cockatoo.
Objects that are small, commonplace, seemingly insignificant and often overlooked can be surprisingly beautiful and inspiring images to draw.
James Fletcher
James FletcherGlass Artist
My interest in glass began in 1982, when I found a book on glassblowing in the local library.
My work as a church pastor has taken me to Victoria, West Australia, Papua New Guinea, and South New Zealand. I have kept practicing glassblowing in all these locations.
The present studio at McGraths Hill was set up in 2002. I have two assistants who work with me, Wayne Trompp and Leigh Cunningham. We use high quality glass and have access to over 100 colours.
Simon Begg
Simon BeggWoodworker
Simon is one of Australia’s top young wood turners, passionately working to create new designs and master the art of wood turning. His early passion for wood led him to place 2nd in NSW for industrial technology and then complete an apprenticeship in cabinetmaking. After going to Turnfest, Australia’s big symposium, in 2016 he came back and quit his job to start turning full time.
Starting from his workshop at home, he has now moved out to share a space in Annangrove with a timber miller. In 2018 Simon was invited demonstrate in the tool shop at Turnfest and in 2019 he became one of the main roster demonstrators which was a huge honour.

Images From Our Exhibiting Artists

Sandra and Maria Vumbaca, Ceramic artists

Sandra and Maria Vumbaca

Eva Dominello, Jeweller

Eva Dominello

Jenelle Gavin: Nature Photographer

Jenelle Gavin

Peter Tugwell

Peter Tugwell

James Fletcher

James Fletcher

Simon Begg, rose ring bowlSimon Begg