Sandra & Maria Vumbaca

Maria & Sandra specialise in the production of quality hand-painted functional & decorative porcelain & earthenware pieces. This award-winning mother/daughter team take their inspiration from many sources but are largely influenced by their Italian heritage in their use of vibrant colour & intricate design. Maria’s work greatly reflects her keen interest in lustre & third-fire products while Sandra enjoys experimenting with an eclectic range of techniques. They both have a distinctive passion for learning & enjoy sharing their discoveries. Be sure to visit their studio over the Arcadian Artists Weekend for an insight into their inspiring work. At other times visitors are very welcome to the Studio by appointment.

Contact – 0409 992 881

Sandra & Maria Vumbaca

Sandra’s Ceramics Studio produces an eclectic array of unique decorative & functional pieces including but by no means limited to dinnerware, vases & garden art. Their extensive range showcases the vibrancy & distinctiveness that the Studio has become renowned for.

Some of my highlights

Apart from their Italian heritage Sandra & Maria find inspiration from many sources. A picture, a landscape, the sky, a tree, a rock, the ocean… all of these influences & many more inspire not only in relation to choosing a particular form for the execution of a certain design, but they also often dictate the colours & the combinations that are worked together to create harmony within a specific piece.
Typically Sandra’s & Maria’s earthenware pieces undergo two kiln firings. Initially a bisque firing to around 1080 degrees Celsius followed by a glaze firing to around 1030 degrees Celsius. This process particularly relates to most underglaze, majolica & crystal glaze finishes. Where lustres & gold are employed, a third or even a fourth firing at lower temperatures is required. Porcelain items on the other hand vary immensely. Any given piece can have a minimum of one-two firings to achieve a fairly simple design while other more complex pieces can sustain up to twenty or more firings. The possibilities are extraordinary.

Meet with Sandra & Maria Vumbaca at the NEXT EXHIBITION & ART TRAIL: 09 - 10 NOV 2019

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