Patricia Muir

Patricia Muir has been producing authentic cloth on her looms for 20 years. Her complex designs and patterns derive from traditional weaves of Viking origin. She works with all natural materials including fine wools, linens, silks, cotton, leather and timber.

Her work is actively sought by medieval re-enactors and the general public at events and fairs around Australia.

Patricia studied Applied Arts at Charles Sturt University, majoring in ceramics and woven textiles. For many years she ran a production pottery in the Riverina. A move to Wollongong saw a change in direction. Sparked by a Viking weekend away in a pine forest, her love of weaving re-emerged. Since then she has moved from narrow inkle and tablet braid looms to table and floor looms, before settling happily with a 16 shaft dobby loom.

I have always been a maker.  I love creating intricate patterns on my loom, but my work is always grounded in function. My weavings are designed to be used. I am inspired by the materials I work with and the intricate play of colour emerging on the woven cloth.

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Phone : 0412258447

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