• Mark Dobson

Mark Dobson

A fascination for felted textiles in alpaca and silk fibre.   As a medium, I am attracted to the alpaca fibre because of its softness to the touch and its natural lightness and drape.   Whilst the hand dyed silk adds the dimension of iridescent lustre and the opportunity for vibrant embellishment.   Together they create a wearable gourmet fabric that is luxurious to the touch, incredibly light weight and warm and unique in its handcrafted design.   

The alpaca is lovingly hand sourced from my own local herd of white fine fleeced animals and at times is complemented with some additional coloured fleece from friends.   The allure of the white fleece allows me to experiment with a vibrant colour palette, while the more natural coloured fleeces allow me to produce warm and earthy tones.     

The creative process from the washing and dyeing to the finished felted creation is all done by hand in my farm studio.  Scarves, wraps, shawls and fabric organically evolve from the hand dyed fleece and silk.   The versatility of the alpaca fibre’s texture allows for a certain colour predictability when desired, however, the real joy comes from the unexpected results from a rough washed fleece steeped in a long brewing dye pot.  

“Luxurious fibres, embedded with vibrant colour and lustre, hand crafted into unique wearable felted textiles”. 

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