Kathleen Berney

Kathleen Berney has worked with textiles since the early 1970’s. She originally studied arts at Sydney University and then was drawn to a more practical hands on approach. She was self taught in batik and was a founding member of the Australian Textile and Surface Design Association (ATASDA) Kathleen furthered her studies and knowledge of batik in Sri Lanka and Indonesia. She then ran numerous batik and textile dyeing workshops both in her own studio and for the Arts Council and Australian Crafts Council in various parts of Australia.

Kathleen has always pushed the boundaries in her exploration of manipulating and playing with fabric. During her work with quilting one of her dramatic floor length quilted capes was purchased by the Australian National Gallery. She experimented with gold leaf combined with batik and fabric painting and drawing in collages that were exhibited in individual and group exhibitions in galleries throughout Australia.

This experimentation led to small collections of clothing that were sold initially in galleries. Subsequently the fashion area of Kathleen’s work grew. Until recently the Kathleen Berney label was sold in over 100 boutiques in Australia and New Zealand.

Kathleen now sells mostly online and to a number of selected boutiques.
The label originally was pleated clothing and then grew into a broad range of garments. Kathleen Berney clothing is fantastic for travelling  and especially targets  the plus size market.

Kathleen also exhibits with a group of textile artists at Barometer Gallery in Sydney.

When Kathleen and her family moved to Arcadia she organised for a few local artists to open their studios on the same day : and that was the beginning of the Arcadian Artists !

Kathleen Berney clothing is in wardrobes all over the world with earlier pieces in private and public collections including the National Gallery of Australia.

Gallery/Other Contacts:

Website https://www.kathleenberney.com.au/

Phone: 61 2 9656 1429

Some of My Work is Featured Below.

Kathleen Berney

Kathleen Berney is a Sydney based Australian fashion designer and textile artist. Her signature look is one of pleats, crushed fabrics, pieced together items, hand painted pieces and dramatic shapes.
Pieces range from dramatic special occasion wear to casual day wear. Pleated and crushed pieces are great for travelling with no ironing needed.

All collections come is size S-XXXL.

The label is 100 perent designed and manufactured in Australia.

Some of my highlights

I love being excited , so new projects are always exciting.

Sculpture by the Sea in 2015 was a particularly exciting project. I have had some ideas for many years, very site specific to the Bondi coastline exhibition in relationship to my  early childhood. I grew up alongside  the coastal walk where the exhibition is held. The work was constructed as a collaborative project with my husband. We recreated a photo of myself as a 2 year old on a slippery slide  in the exact spot where the photo was taken. This was done with metal and digital printing on metal.

The Kathleen Berney crushed clothing is fantastic for travelling. No ironing and quick drying. I frequently hear from customers who tell me how wonderful the clothes are to travel with. I love to get the feedback….makes it all worthwhile.
Kathleen’s son Julian makes a range of elegant and unique scarves using the off cuts, left over and sampling fabrics from the Kathleen Berney label.


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