Jennifer McGiver 

Slumping, fusing and molding glass at her specially equipped studio , Jennifer says “I love it.” Her regular Wednesday class students, “extend and challenge my knowledge.” Glass fusing and molding is such an inexact and unpredictable art, the results are not available for thirty hours , at least the next day ,until the glass is cool. Mastery over this particular and exacting medium Jennifer considers a life work . Light and line are the elements that most appeal as you see her wonderful large works, she still can’t wait to see what each kiln load will reveal.

The studio, tucked away in Forest Glen, is an oasis of beauty where the wooden decked, oriental residence presides out over a beautiful, large, lily covered waterhole, the beginning of Murramurra Creek. Tranquility and creativity abounds, as over yet another coffee, students can’t resist bringing an entourage to behold the delightful property, returning proudly to pick up their finished artwork. Word of mouth is strong and they can’t wait for the next class.

Jennifer began in the scientific world, which she quit to take up an artistic life. Taking art course after art course, she found expertise in glasswork hard to obtain and eventually learned slumping as a student of   Jan Blum, a renowned glass artist. As Jan dismantled her studio, Jennifer was more than delighted to be able to install in her barn the large kilns and tools needed to cut and manipulate the glass.

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