Jenelle Gavin

I have had a lifelong interest in Australian flora, fauna and landscapes. Family trips into the bush were often punctuated by childrens’ cries of “have you finished taking photos yet Mum…”
I have a passion for nature and have developed an avid fascination for the intricate details discovered using macro photography. I love to share this with others in the form of my photographic images.

For the past few years Jenelle has been experimenting with photography which utilises focus stacking. Focus stacking involves taking many images of a subject at different focal planes and combining them using computer software. Using this method, I am able to produce very detailed, almost three dimensional images. It often takes over 20 images, many hours and lots of patience to produce a final photograph suitable for printing. I love the creativity and technically exacting requirements of this type of photography.

Photography makes you look at the world in a different light. You don’t have to travel far to see some amazing sights. Many of my photos have been taken in my own garden and depict the world of nature and the remarkable detail that we often don’t see until we take the time to look closely.
Jenelle Gavin

Gallery/Other Contacts:

Phone: 0415506644


Meet with Jenelle Gavin at the NEXT EXHIBITION & ART TRAIL: 09 - 10 NOV 2019

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