• Janelle Hampton

As all my work is designed after considerable thought and created from passion, each completed article not only gives me personal satisfaction but encourages me to explore new experiences with leather.

My work has received awards at the Royal Easter and Hawkesbury Shows and The Dobell Arts and Craft Festival. I now hold some weekend workshops at The Leather Guild of NSW.

I am honoured and thrilled to be included in the Arcadian Artist Trail.

Gallery/Other Contacts:


Email: hampton5@optusnet.com.au

Phone : (02) 9628 7585

Janelle Hampton

The prime focus of my leatherwork is creativity and self-expression. I love to experiment with different leathers and techniques and transform them into unique and often unexpected pieces of art that are both visual and tactile.

I grew up on a 40-acre farm at the base of the Wattagan Mountains NSW, with loving and encouraging parents, five sisters and one brother and the mantra to always do whatever makes you happy but give it your best. From an early age I showed a gift in the creative areas of woodwork, sewing, knitting and crocheting and art was my favourite subject at school.

In 1973, I became a hospital and medical assessor for MBF and moved to Sydney in 1977 after marring my supportive husband Steve.  In 1981 I gave up work to have my first son, and my life changed in more ways than one, motherhood and my discovery of leatherwork.

Over the next 5 years my daughter and second son were born and, in my spare time, I taught myself the basic leatherwork techniques from books, practicing and experimenting. I taught at the Kingswood Evening College and held classes at home. As my children grew into young adults, I continued to explore the endless possibilities of working with leather.

In 2011, I suffered the empty nest syndrome when my youngest son moved to London to live.  I dusted off my tools and threw myself back into my leatherwork full time.

During the last eight years I have lived my artistic dream. Ideas continue to flow resulting in more unique and artistic designs with both vibrant and pastel colours. I have attended workshops by some of the World’s greatest leather craftsmen who along with my grandchildren inspire me to step outside my comfort zone and just create.

I was attracted to leather because of its versatility, malleability and durability. The most common raw material is cattle hide but I have experimented with the unique properties of goat, pig, sheep, snake, kangaroo and stingray leather.

I create my large variety of leather crafts by using shaping techniques, colouring techniques or both. My skills in carving, stamping, moulding, painting, dyeing, polishing, lacing and braiding have advanced with each item I create. I believe the possibilities are endless and only limited by the imagination.

Designing and fashioning flowers and leaves are a particular passion to me.

Growing up in the country the colours and designs of nature both flora and fauna have influenced me and I have adapted the shapes, patterns and colours into my leathercraft.

I feel great joy when creating wearable art that reflects the wearers personality. My extensive variety of jewellery, handbags, fascinators, belts, wallets, clutches and personalised covers for organisers, notepads, mobile phones and Ipads have their own unique design, colour and individuality.

Some of My Work is Featured Below.

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