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James Fletcher

My interest in glass began in 1982, when I found a book on glassblowing in the local library.

My work as a church pastor has taken me to Victoria, West Australia, Papua New Guinea, and South New Zealand. I have kept practicing glassblowing in all these locations. The present studio at McGraths Hill was set up in 2002. I have two assistants who work with me, Wayne Trompp and Leigh Cunningham. We use high quality glass and have access to over 100 colours.

Glass is a challenging material to work with, technically and artistically. Glassblowing can be strenuous and exhausting. A large piece can take over an hour to make. After the piece is finished it is put into an oven to stop it cracking. It’s exciting to unload the oven a couple of days later and actually touch the glass for the first time. Then there’s the job of cutting and grinding the pieces and putting them on display.

Glass is durable but fragile, cool and smooth to the touch, alive with light and colour. I find it most rewarding to turn a creative idea into a unique piece of art.

Some of My Work is Featured Below.

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