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Madigan is passionate about her life and her work and can be found on
Instagram @gemellemadigan
Mobile +61 4 125 125 07

Gemelle Madigan

Madigan loves to pay attention to the life she has and the environment she lives in . After living a dozen years on a little green river she was totally seduced by the mystery and the power of water. She painted the river ( Berowra Waters ) using mixed media on canvas and introduced silver leaf to help express the deep reflective surfaces and the sense of depth that water possesses….

From canvas, Madigan jumped onto glass and plexiglass as she was looking for other ways to capture the depth of reflection in her work that water ( and life ) possesses. She started working on the reverse side of the glass, adding & subtracting many layers to create greater depth & traces of life. She is very process driven and although she has an initial idea when starting a work, the painting takes its own course once the materials take on a life of their own. Deeply aware of the ocean’s vulnerability as climate change becomes more evident in our daily lives and also aware that to get this message of disaster out there, it is best done by creating beauty to attract conversation and then action. Her work is strong in colour, preferring a monochromatic palette to achieve a greater sense of mood, of feeling an emotional response to what is happening around her.

Gemelle Madigan

Water has always fascinated me. I am mesmerized by the fluidness and the way light skips across and reflects onto the surface. But how to capture this shine? This inner light?
These thoughts lead me naturally to use gold and silverleaf in my work…. i worked on canvas but moved naturally to paper as i wondered how water felt on the inside. I loved the mysteries that were shown to me of this inner world of water using these new techniques…..but i wanted that depth and inner light that has always been with me…. and so this lead me to paint on the reverse side of glass, and instantly i knew i was recreating what has been inside me all my life….
The glasswork contains the mystery and reverence, the colour, the texture and THE LIGHT pertaining to all life.
This represents endless possibilities to me.

Some of my highlights

2019 Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong
2018 Fuzhou International Lacquer Art Biennale,
Fuzhou, China
2018 Arcadian Artists Trail
2018 Enjoy Art Museum,798 District,Beijing,China
2017 Zhu Binnen Gallery NSCCA, Beijing,China
2017 NSCCA Beijing, China
2017 NSCCA Sydney, Australia

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