Eva Dominello

Eva is a Sydney based lamp-worker, making original glass beads using Effetre & Vetrofond rods. She also uses the fusing technique to make kiln-fired glass pendants. In January, 2018 Eva did a refresher lamp-working course at the “Scoula del Vetro Abate Zanetti” in Murano, Venice with master glass artist Diego Bottacin. This follows a course she completed in 2007 at the same school with master glass artist Andrea Penzo.  Studies were also undertaken in Sydney She now teaches lamp-working at community colleges and privately. She sells her work at markets and fairs. 

Eva’s unique jewellery includes an extensive range of authentic antique & contemporary Venetian glass beads. These beads sourced directly from artisans & antique dealers in Venice. Many of these antique beads were used as currency, trade beads, by European powers in Africa, Asia & the Americas. 

M. Environmental Education; BA (hons); Dip teach

Phone- 0476 879 247

Eva Dominello

In Eva Dominello’s Glass Bead Making class, students will learn how to work hot Venetian glass with a torch to create spectacular, wearable beads.

Teach the basic skills, but allow the students to experiment with the flame, the glass rods and other materials

Some of my highlights

I’m very privileged to be involved with the annual Arcadian Artists Weekend, held on the second weekend in November. Once an educator, always an educator. I originally trained as a Geography teacher, now I teach young and not-so-young adults the art of lamp-working, making glass beads. I enjoy the challenge presented to me by clients to make bespoke jewellery. One of the greatest achievements is the ongoing challenge to make different beads and jewellery, experimenting with different colours, temperature of the flame, and combination of materials.
One of the greatest rewards is when a client returns to thank you. Making jewellery and going to markets and fairs gives you a unique insight to people. I have be introduced to people from all walks of life, occupations and backgrounds, I would not have otherwise met.
Apart from making my own beads, I also work with antique Venetian Glass Beads and combining the two has enabled me to make unique Jewellery. These beads are sources from antique dealers and fairs held in Venice. Venetian glass jewellery is timeless. Colours in vogue today were in usage centuries ago.
The Venetians, they are the master of lamp-working.
The environment, with its unique blend of colour and shapes.
Ultimately, listening to your clients.

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