Denise Robinson

Having always been interested in arts and craft, it wasn’t until later in life that the opportunity came to experiment with different mediums. Mosaic has been a big part of my life for the past 15 years, from teaching to creating commission works. My aim with the Arcadian Artists trail is to produce mosaic works in a variety of styles which are also affordable. Looking forward to meeting you at the trail and sharing my knowledge and passion with you.

Gallery/Other Contacts:

Phone: 9653 9256

Denise Robinson

Vibrant, fun and unique mosaic design.

Some of my highlights

I have been interested in all forms of art for most of my life. There has always been the need to be artistic as well as being able to “use my hands” in a more physical way than drawing or painting.
After discovering the many different styles of mosaic, I was fascinated by the opportunity to use so many diverse materials to achieve a satisfying and beautiful artwork. Drawing on nature and using basic materials such as stone and ceramics as well as stained glass and unique tiles, it is possible to achieve a vast array of different looks.
As all mosaic artists understand, it is a truly time consuming form of artwork. Preparation of substrate and the actual tiling is only part of the process. Afterwards the grouting and sealing completes the piece.
I enjoy the flexibility of mosaic. One is able to produce everyday items that are useful in the house and garden – as well as decorative pieces , in styles to suit any decor.

Meet with Denise Robinson at the NEXT EXHIBITION & ART TRAIL: 10 - 11 NOV 2018

A unique exhibition... Eight working studios... More than fifty Artists & Artisans... All on a meandering country drive...