Although for the past several years Carole- Anne has  worked mainly with glass, she still loves working with clay. Producing her  figurative sculptures means she now has the pleasure of working with both clay and glass.

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Carole-Anne Lunn

My interest in Art & Art History has been with me since school days.   In 1962, aged 20, I travelled overseas to experience first-hand the magnificent architecture, paintings and sculpture of Greece and Europe, and the historical Art galleries that housed wonderful works not accessible to Australia at that time.

In 1995 Curtin University, Perth WA accepted my application to study full time in Sculpture as a mature age student. I was 55.  At Curtin I was introduced to the ‘beauty of glass’ and graduated in 1998 with a BA majoring in Glass & Clay.

Since that time my work has received several awards & has been purchased both nationally & internationally.

Since moving back to Sydney, my work is now a most satisfying hobby. The fascination with Glass & Clay is an ongoing learning process. All of my work is handmade & original.

My first love has always been sculpture whether it is in glass or clay.

The kiln cast glass Sculptures of Waves set in sandstone are inspired by Dorothea Mackellar’s iconic poem “My Country” – the colours of our “jewel-sea”, waves crashing to our shores.  I follow this theme through to my kiln fused small and large ornamental Platters in layered translucent glass.

Working in glass entails two to three firings in my kilns.

My Eucalypt Leaf Pendants, placed on sterling silver Torc’s are also sculptural in design.

No two designs are the same whether it is Sculpture, Jewellery, Decorative Platters or Vase/candleholders.

Trust you will enjoy viewing as I do in the making.

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Phone: 0438 060208

Carole-Anne Lunn

Carole-Anne Lunn works with clay and glass producing beautiful and unique sculptural pieces as well as jewellery items.

“I have used Dorothea Mackellar’s iconic poem, ‘My Country’” as inspiration for many of my pieces,” says Carole-Anne. “My eucalypt leaf pendants threaded onto sterling silver torcs are sculptural jewellery pieces while my ornamental glass platters are designed in colours of our jewelled sea.”

Some of my highlights

Sculpture has always been my deep love
My work in glass entails two or three firings in my kilns . No two pieces are ever the same.

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