In the rural district of Arcadia over a quarter of a century ago, a small group of local artists opened up their studios to neighbours and the local community who embraced the idea. It soon became an annual event and like all great ideas that are driven by enthusiasm and passion, the Arcadian Artist have stood the test of time. Since its humble beginnings in 1990, like a child who has been nurtured and cherished, it has grown and changed immensely. The Arcadian Artists have witnessed organisational challenges and triumphs and has brought much joy as well as creative inspiration to the thousands of visitors who support and encourage the continued presentation of the event each and every year.

This unique event has expanded over time to include a large range of artists and artisans who represent many different disciplines in the arts and exhibit at various locations throughout Dural, Galston, Arcadia and Berrilee, but all within this beautiful rural enclave of northern Sydney .  However, it started out as a group of just six artists located at five different locations throughout Arcadia.  Local fashion identity, Kathleen Berney is the only remaining artist from the original group.

Throughout the years, the Arcadian Artists have endeavoured to support and provide an avenue for both experienced and emerging artists from inside and outside the community to showcase their creative talents. With the passage of time many artists have come and gone with various forms of art exhibited ranging from the more traditional such as painting, pottery and sculpture to the more unusual like shoe-making, book binding and basket weaving.

The Arcadian Artists has experienced profound changes in its long history. What was once a one day event developed into a weekend.  A basic black and white, photocopied, one page flyer with a hand drawn map has since graduated to a print run of 35,000  fully coloured, glossy brochures with a more sophisticated digitally designed map. Where the exhibiting artists initially told their neighbours or called their friends to  spread the word about the Arcadian Artists exhibition, we have graduated to advertisements in newspapers all over Sydney and more recently  to the use of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, emails  and this, our own website, to advertise our event.

The Arcadian Artists Art Trail & Exhibition has indeed come a long way. We now attract visitors who come from far & wide to enjoy all that is on offer on the second weekend of November every year. We look forward to welcoming you to the 27th Arcadian Artists Exhibition and Art Trail this year.



Arcadian Artists is a unique and interesting exhibition combining art, artists, people who love and embrace the arts as well as our wonderful natural environment. So, the trail brings together creative people and those who have an appreciation of their work.

“While we will always be committed to ensuring that sixty percent of our exhibitors come from the Hills District of Sydney, we are constantly being approached by so many artists from Sydney – and indeed from all over Australia, many of whom are too talented to pass up,” says Rae Woolnough, the current president of Arcadian Artists Exhibition and Art Trail. “It is a wonderful showcase of some of Sydney’s best creative talent.”

Throughout the years the Arcadian Artists have endeavoured to support and provide an avenue for both experienced and emerging artists from inside and outside the community to showcase their creative talents.  In addition, it has supported many local charities and in recent times has provided a donation to art students at Galston High School to assist with the costs associated with the completion of HSC major works.

  • Our Mission Statement

Always held on the second weekend of November, the Arcadian Artists Exhibition and Art Trail aims to foster and celebrate the arts in the local community and beyond; to bring the community together and to create a unique country experience for our visitors in this beautiful rural area of Sydney. Connected by a beautiful meandering country drive, eight working studios have a total of more than 50 artists and artisans exhibiting their wares and  demonstrating  their skills in some instances,  during the weekend.


While there are several art trails that take place all over the country during the year, our setting in rural Sydney is unique and our dedicated committee members  who are passionate about the arts have worked tirelessly over the years to create an exhibition and trail which is one of the most highly regarded and well attended  in Sydney. The careful selection of the highest quality and eclectic range of art presented is a testament to the event’s survival and longevity.  Research reflects that visitors flock from all over Sydney as well as from areas of the Central Coast, Blue Mountains and Hunter regions.

“I am so pleased to be part of this fantastic well established art event.  It is a great showcase of rural Sydney and its local artists.”   Jill Davis, jeweller

“I so value my selection to exhibit  over the weekend of the Arcadian Artists Exhibition and Trail with so many talented artists competing for a place.  After 27 years of growth and improvements, the trail is now one of Sydney’s most prestigious rural events.”  Rae Woolnough, textile artist

“The Arcadian Artists Exhibition and Trail is a wonderful way for the public to engage directly with the artist and talk with them about  their inspiration and their work.  And then at the end of a great day out in the country it is special  to be able to take home something unique and hand crafted.” Helen Symons, Northwood, Sydney

“The Arcadian Artists art trail is a must see event and not to be missed.  I put it in my calendar every year. It is one of the highlights of the year.” Carol Rydon, Turramurra, Sydney

“It is so much more meaningful to be able to talk to the artist who has created the artwork you are buying and to find out about the creative process it involved.  It brings the artwork to life and contributes to its meaning and significance when displayed in one’s home.” Tracey Grieve, Mulgoa, NSW

“Because so many of the artists are local to the area, much of their work reflect  the flora and fauna  of the area with colours that echo the soft sandstone hues and eucalypts. These pieces are quintessentially Australian.” Pauline Brewer, Southern Highlands, NSW

“We are aware that our trail and exhibition has become an event which is so highly regarded by Sydney’s creative fraternity that we are fortunate to have the pick of some of Sydney’s best talent. With such a diverse range of enthusiastic and talented artists using a wide variety of mediums, styles, materials and subjects, our event is as stimulating as it is unique.”  Merilyn Chappel, painter.


The eight properties featured this year in the Arcadian Artists Exhibition and Trail rail , each with their unique personalities, are all working studios during the year for the artists who own them. But during the Arcadian Artists Exhibition and Trail weekend, these artists host other guest artists in their studios and on their properties.  In this way, the exhibition can encompass a wide variety of talented people  with a diverse range of skills so that the trail becomes an artistic feast for our visitors. 

Drive into Galston on the weekend of the 09th and 10th of November where the Arcadian Artists information stand will be located outside the Bendigo Bank in the Galston village where you can pick up a brochure which includes a map to plan your day. Alternatively you can download the brochure from the website or simply click on the google map links provided in the website next to information about each venue. Signs will also direct you to all the studios from Old Northern Road in Dural as well as from Galston Road .  Participating venues in Dural, Galston, Arcadia and Berrilee are linked by a picturesque, leisurely country drive passing open fields, working properties, nature reserves, rustic bush properties  and manicured rural gardens. Visitors can experience the the beauty and serenity of the area that inspires so many of the artists who are  residents in the district.