In this demonstration Merilyn shows the intense colour one can achieve with watercolour and the use of clear water to achieve a loose, vibrant painting.  By sometimes applying paint directly from the tube onto the paper and then using water to make it run beautiful free paintings can be achieved.  In this case I used Quinacridone pink for the petals into which I later dropped some Aureolin yellow and then a shadow mixed from the three primary colours.  The leaves were similarly painted using strong colour from the palette in bold strokes and then water to make it flow into the desired areas.  With strong pigment, clear water and a few quick, bold strokes you can make your watercolours sing!

Phaelanopsis in progress

Phaelaopsis – A vibrant watercolour

Merilyn Chappel, painter

The simplicity of using dramatic colour on a textured white gesso background is effective. Minimal strokes are used with shadows dropped into the wet washes of the petals and leaves. Darks are added around the leaves afterwards to emphasise the shadows between them. The bowl is painted with a few simplistic strokes which are blended with a dash of white ink to emphasise the shine on the rounded shape.


Merilyn Chappel

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