Rae uses various processes to create her felted artworks, vessels and sculptures and she will be demonstrating some of her techniques in our art trail on the Saturday at 1-2pm and on the Sunday at 10-11am in our art trail. Rae is exhibiting at Dural Mosaic Studio, 34 Muraban Rd, Dural so drop in and see Rae and learn about her felt making process while admiring her exquisite creations.

Rae Woolnough, Textile Artist

In preparation for Arcadian Artists, Rae Woolnough has taken her unique felting methods in a new direction.

This year for the first time, Rae has create large felted vessels that can be used for large simple floral arrangements or stand alone as a interesting 3D artwork.

Rae Woolnough, Textile Artist

The inner glass vessel is as much a part of the artwork as the felt and silk artwork encompassing it.  In some cases you can look through the external art into a different design within.  Rae’s work can be found at the Dural Mosaic Studio, 34 Muraban Rd, Dural.

Rae Woolnough, Textile Artist


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