Inspiration for these pieces comes from the need to see if it can be done ( non tradition Blacksmith work ), or the need to develop the skill and level of craftsmanship. Either completely new designs are drawn up or traditional blacksmith item images found on the internet are used. If internet images are used, then the item is always “redesigned” is size, materials and flare.

The work covers many areas of Blacksmithing which then means that new tooling and techniques must be made and learned.

As blacksmithing is now considered more as an art form rather than strictly for purpose, a certain amount of artistic licence is added to each of our pieces to bridge that gap. Balance is also required for a piece to project a pleasing view otherwise our human mind will instinctively notice fault. It can take several versions before a balanced design is found.

Wayne Wagstaff, Metal artist

Known as the “Viking Coffee Table”, we used 6 Recycled / upcycled Australian Hardwood beams ( 4” square by 59” long ) recovered from the Norwest Train Tunnel construction, with heavy hand forged legs and struts. The beams are cross drilled and held together by two 5/8” tie bars. All joints are hand punched and riveted with handmade plates and nuts on Whitworth ½” threads. You could use the rings to “attach” your “pets” to; the Coffee table is extremely heavy and hard to move.

Wayne Wagstaff, Metal artist

A closer detailed image of the ironwork legs and support bars. 1 ¼” square legs with tapered 5/8” support bars and 3/4” square cross braces. The split rings are ½” round by 3”Ø.

Meet with Wayne Wagstaff at the NEXT EXHIBITION & ART TRAIL: 12 – 13 NOV 2016

Items being demonstrated

Reef Knot Coat Hanger

Copper Tea Spoon or similar

Wood Staples

Small Wall Bracket Hanger

Other small items to be determined


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