Carole-Anne Lunn- making Emerging Wood Nymph

Although for the past several years Carole- Anne has  worked mainly with glass, she still loves l love working with clay . Producing her  figurative sculptures means she now has the pleasure of working with both clay and glass.

Carole-Anne Lunn
  • 1ST STEP…..Design and create form in clay.
  • 2nd STEP….. A mixture of Silica and Plaster is poured over the clay figure which is now in a dam to form the mould.
  • 3rd STEP…….When clay is removed from the mould.    Large chunks of glass are then placed in the mould and then it is ready to go into the kiln.
  • 4th STEP……The kiln is programmed to a cycle and the firing will take up to three days.
Carole-Anne Lunn


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