With just a few materials, you can craft a simple and elegant clover necklace.


  • a rolling pin
  • a small circle cookie cutter
  • a skewer
  • pliers


  • white air-dry clay
  • a clover button
  • a paintbrush
  • gold and green craft paint
  • an O ring
  • a necklace chain

Gather Supplies

The materials and tools required for this project are: white air dry clay, a rolling pin, a small circle cookie cutter, a clover button, a paintbrush, gold and green craft paint, an O ring and a necklace chain.

Roll It Out

Take a small chunk of the air dry clay and roll it out using the rolling pin.

Cut the Clay

Press the small circle into the clay. Remove the cut circle of clay.

Create Clover Shape

Press the clover button into the circle of clay.

Reveal Imprint

Peel the button away from the clay.

Create a Hole

Use a skewer to poke a small hole at the top of the circle of clay.

Let Dry

Allow the clay to dry for 24 hours.

Prep the Paint

Once the clay is dry, gather the gold and green paint, the paintbrush, and the necklace chain.

Paint Gold

Paint everything outside of the clover imprint gold.

Paint Green

Paint the clover imprint green.

Let Dry

Allow the paint to dry fully.

Attach O Ring

Use a pair of pliers to open the O ring, then thread the ring through the hole in the clay. Use the pliers to close the ring.

Thread Chain

Thread the chain through the O ring.


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