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Ron Smythe

Ron has had an affinity for wood and its products from an early age, having spent a lot of his time as a child watching and helping in his Uncle’s cabinet-making workshop. He maintained and developed this interest in cabinet-making as a hobby throughout his career in Civil Engineering, which led him into studying the crafts of wood-carving, wood-turning, violin making, and harp making.

After retiring from professional life, Ron became more seriously active in his wood craftwork, having successfully participated in several significant exhibitions, displays, and competitions.

Recently, Ron has started carving Hebel stone rather than wood so his woodworking skills have evolved.


Contact – 02 6643 3124

Ron Smythe

As a child, Ron spent a lot of time in an Uncle’s cabinet-making workshop,where he observed and helped (?) in the production of hand-crafted fine furniture. This interest in woodwork stayed with through life, and during his professional as a Civil Engineer he pursued this passion by way of an active hobby.

To broaden his field of skill and knowledge, he attended several summer schools at the University of Southern Queensland, at Toowoomba, learning violin-making, wood-carving, wood-turning, and cabinet-making, and ultimately to tutoring in these crafts.

Following retirement from his profession, Ron drifted into harp-making, and more recently has been experimenting with various forms of wind instruments based on the traditional didgeridoo of indigenous Australians.

Some of my highlights

  • Violin making and repairs
  • Wood carving
  • Wood turning
  • Custom-made furniture
  • Furniture repairs & restoration
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Decorative & practical articles in wood

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