• Melanie Jai

Melanie Jai

Melanie Jai’s art is a visual documentary of her experiences as a mother with a child with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.  The emotionally charged imagery follows the chaos and confusion, magnificence, heartbreak, hope, and light, that is having a child that is different.  Painting became her therapy, her vessel through which to feel what her son feels, to attempt to understand his world in the hope that answers would present themselves.  Using a highly stylized version of herself, the artworks unfold through her eyes, yet tell his stories.  She employs an arsenal of materials and techniques in the creation of these artworks, the textured surfaces fuse materials such as bitumen, shellac, gyprock plaster, wood paneling, paper doilies, gap filler, lemon juice, wood tints, builders tape, and text, are used along side traditional mediums of inks and acrylic paints.   Narrative in style, the rich layers and vibrant colour palette beckon you to touch.  Large in scale, the imagery wraps around you, envelops you into the story, the emotion.  It is raw, sometimes gentle and nurturing, other times blatant and unforgiving, but always real and pure.

Melanie’s artworks have extensively toured through Queensland and New South Wales galleries, and her story and artworks published nationally and internationally.  Her artworks are used as an educational tool worldwide in seminars on Autism Spectrum Disorder and Aspergers Syndrome.  She is available for workshops on various subjects such as Mixed Media, Life Drawing, Concept Development, and How To Tell Your Story Through Art for adults or school groups.  She has a special interest in art therapy for the disabled, and ran classes for this for many years.

Gallery/Other Contacts:

Website http://melaniejai.com/

Phone– 0438 780489

Some of My Work is Featured Below.

Melanie Jai

In recent years her artwork has evolved, now also telling the stories of her family’s travels by sea, as the wife of a Superyacht Captain. Through these experiences she has added to her talents with photography, in which she has the innate ability to capture the true character and story of her subject.

Some of my highlights

Melanie Jai’s art was featured and nationally distributed via the Regional Arts Australia National Publication “Seeded”.
Melanie has painted for most of her life – but her art took on a whole new significance when her son was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome – a higher functioning form of Autism.

Her painting transformed into a heartfelt, visual diary of the trials of daily life with an autistic child. Melanie’s art helped her understand and communicate in her son’s world.

Melanie hopes her collection of paintings will also inspire understanding, compassion and acceptance for those affected by mental health issues.

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