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Katherine Mahoney

Inspired by a medium which is expressive & exquisite, fragile & durable, I try, through the ritual & rythm of wheel throwing, to create pieces that are simple, yet beautiful. I use porcelain for its whiteness & ability to make colours sing and stoneware for its robust durability. My latest work is inspired by the colours & textures in Sydney’s landscape. I have designed a versatile range of hand made tableware that reflects the life we lead and would encourage the user to make the pieces unique by the way they use them – then they themselves are the creative.

Gallery/Other Contacts:

Website http://katherinemahoney.id.au/

Phone– 0402 153 439

Katherine Mahoney

Katherine Mahoney’s ceramics are represented in many museums throughout Asia and in private and corporate collections worldwide. She trained as a production thrower in the UK in the mid-1970s, taking an apprenticeship with Keith Harding at Cranbrook Station Pottery.
After managing one of Cranbrook Station’s branch potteries, Katherine and her brother opened their own pottery studio in Kent (Fulling Mill Pottery) and produced a range of domestic ware.
Hong Kong
Katherine then moved to Hong Kong where she was heavily influenced by Asia’s rich history of ceramics. This influence inspired her to start producing single pieces of ceramic which she exhibited very successfully. She started to gain an international reputation and her work was sought worldwide. Katherine’s stoneware and porcelain pieces are glazed nmainly in cool green, blues and stark white, colours influenced by her study of her craft in
Since her move to Australia in 1996, Katherine has continued to create one-off wheel thrown pieces and has also moved into creating more sculptural forms, using a wide range of materials. Being a member, she regularly exhibits with The Sculptors Society, although most of her pieces are sold privately or through galleries.

Some of my highlights

Between 1983 and 1996, Katherine conducted pottery courses at a variety of institutions in Hong Kong, including the Hong Kong Polytechnic, the Hong Kong Museum of Art and the Education Department. Katherine has also judged many competitions and exhibitions, including the Hong Kong Biennial.
2015-Annual Group Exhbition of Ceramic Sculpture Mu Gallery Sydney
2014-Connections Paintings by Cate Dudley and Ceramics by Katherine Mahoney, Hat Hill Gallery Blue Mountains
Artisans in the Gardens Botanic Gardens Sydney
2013-One + One Hong Kong
Clunes Ceramic Award Victoria
2011-Designed and created a range of work for the AGNSW to compliment the Mad Square Exhibition.
In Good Company – Object Gallery Sydney
2010-Along These Lines – Cloth Gallery Sydney
Clunes Ceramic Award – Victoria
2009-Legend of Hong Kong Ceramics – Hong Kong Tsuen Wan
Sculpture at Darling Park – Sydney
2007-Living with the Locale Contemporary Ceramics Society Hong Kong
Artist in the Neighbourhood Hong Kong
Hong Kong Airport – HK Museum of Art Exhibit works from their collection
2006-Artisans in the Garden Botanic Gardens Sydney
Sculpture at Darling Park Sydney
2005-Sculpture at Darling Park Sydney
2004-Sculpture at Darling Park Sydney
Sydney in Bloom, The Domain, Sydney
Sculpture Exhibition, Australia Square, Sydney
ASX/Fonas Exhibition Sydney
2003-Ceramic works by foreign artists from the museums permanent collection. Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taiwan.
Sculpture Exhibition Darling Harbour, Sydney
Sydney In Bloom, The Domain, Sydney
ASX/FONAS Exhibition, Sydney
2002-10th Anniversary Exhibition Contemporary Ceramic Society Exhibition (HK) Hong Kong
ASX Charity Auction/Exhibition, Sydney
Sculpture Exhibition Bowral, Australia
Sculpture Exhibition Darling Harbour, Sydney
2001-Sculpture Exhibition Darling Harbour, Sydney
Sculpture Exhibition The Renaissance, Sydney
2000-Sculpture Exhibition Darling Harbour, Sydney
1999-Sculpture Exhibition Bowral, Australia
1996-Clay 85-95 HK Museum of Art – VAC
Out of the Fire – Arts Centre, HK
1995-Clayworks – 2nd exhibition by the Contemporary Ceramics Society – Visual Arts Centre. HK
Women Artists in Celebration of the UN Women’s Conference in Beijing – Alisan Fine Arts
Marvelous Miniatures – Mandarin Oriental Fine Arts, HK
1994-Clayworks – first exhibition by the Contemporary Ceramic Ceramics Society (HK) Fung Ping Shan Museum.
1992-The 1992 International Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramic Art – National Museum of History, Taiwan.
1991-From Earth Through Fire To Art – Trigram Gallery, HK
1989-Living with ceramics – Koto HK Arts Centre.
Clay V – Arts Centre, HK
1988-Texture & Form – Alisan fine Arts, HK
Contemporary HK Pottery from the HK Museum of Art
Pottery by Katherine Mahoney – Koto Arts Centre, HK
1987-Contemporary HK Art Biennial – HK Museum of Art
Clay 1V – Art Centre, HK
Pottery by Katherine Mahoney – Koto Arts Centre, HK
1986-Teawares by HK Potters – HK Museum of Art
Clay 111 – Arts Centre, HK
Contemporary HK Arts Exhibition – Tsuenkwai
1985-Biennial Exhibition – HK Museum of Art
International Ceramics Exhibition – Taipei Fine Arts Museum
1984-Clay 11 – Arts Centre, HK
Pottery by Katherine Mahoney Alvin Gallery, HK
Hong Kong Pottery today – HK Museum of Art
Women In Art – I Club, HK
1983-Clay – Arts Centre, HK
Western Eyes Look at the Orient – Landmark, HK
Pottery – Fung Ping Shan Museum, HK
Pottery and Paintings – Focal Point, HK
1981-Four Potters in Hong Kong – Hilton
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