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Arcadian Artists – Helping our local community

As artists we embrace those that think differently.  Those that see, and allow us to see, the world through different eyes.  This year, with this ethos held close to our hearts, we have extended an  invitation to a cherished part of our community to join us.  Warrah is a local organization guided by the Rudolf Steiner philosophy to develop Social Therapy for adults with intellectual disability or autism, and curative education for children in need.  Their art therapy has produced stunning results, rivalling many able bodied artists.  We are extremely proud to have a group of Warrah’s members represented at Melanie Jai’s Studio this year.

Warrah Special School educates students with special needs from Kindergarten through to Year 12 in a small school setting. A broad based curriculum covers all subject areas and is based on the rich content of the Steiner Schools (Waldorf) Curriculum. Warrah Special School educate with an aesthetic, artistic and immersion approach, using Main Lessons to start each day and having a strong daily, weekly and seasonal rhythm to support focus and learning for each student.

The natural environment features strongly in school educational approach, and is supported by Warrah’s beautiful bushland setting. Warrah Farm,  working biodynamic/organic farm, is woven into each student’s learning through farming, harvesting, cooking and nutrition programs.

Each student has access to a range of therapeutic and other special activities, from Remedial Massage, Bothmer Gymnastics, Music Therapy, Learning Support, and Riding for the Disabled (RDA). Effective Individual Education Planning and open communication with families are central to the success of each students program. Social interaction with students from local schools and access to the local community as well as integrative projects and activities are fostered to enable each student to gain the skills needed to take their place as citizens as they mature.