• Emma Donaldson

Emma Donaldson

It is creation that inspires me. Its form, variation and intricacies. It is the very essence of beauty and I cannot help but stand in awe as I see a master craftsman behind the light show at sunrise and sunset, behind the crashing waves on the beach and behind the warmth of the golden autumn sun. This is why I photograph – I want to capture that moment in time, that moment that will never be the same again. Each moment is just as special as the last and maybe one day that moment will be framed on your wall, but at the very least I hope, that you will see the beauty of creation.

Contact – 0479 198805


Some of My Work is Featured Below.

Emma Donaldson

We are surrounded by God’s beautiful creation.
My aim is to capture His creation, so that you can have a piece of it on your wall, for everyone to see.

God did all the hard work, I simply took the photo.

Some of my highlights

Winner – Yellow Pages Capture the Cover Competition 2013
God created it, I just released the shutter.
Creation itself – and photographers such as Ken Duncan, Eugene Tan, Art Wolfe, Chris Bray and Ignacio Palacios

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